All adult citizens of the Republic of Macedonia that have income from a full-time job, free professional activity, pension disability insurance or based otherwise, have a right to open a current account cheque books.

The owner has at his disposal the funds from the current account cheque book through the cheques issued by the Bank, through cash desk cash payment and non-monetary payment in trade or other specific orders. The use of the funds should be within the limits of the owner's personal funds.
The owner may authorize another person to have the funds from the owner's current account chequebook at his disposal.

Alpha Bank AD Skopje issues citizens cheques to a maximum amount of MKD 1,200.00.

Criteria for the cheques issue are:
- Current state of the current account cheques book
- Number of unrealized cheques at the moment of issue
- Reliability in the account's functioning

The current account chequebook users may receive information for the account statement and changes in all of the Bank's branch offices.

Information: Banking Business Division
Telephone: +389 2 3296 427; 3296 408

Address: Dame Gruev 1, MK-1000 Skopje         + 389 2 3289 400, Fax: + 389 2 3116 830         E-mail:[email protected]