Product name

Housing loans and loans for business premises


  • Physical persons
  • 18-65 years old (by the time of the final instalment to be less then 65 years)


. Buying of house/apartment/business premises (old/new/in construction)
. Purchase of construction land
. Construction of house
. Completion, upgrade, reconstruction and adaptation of any real estate (apartment, house, construction land)
. Construction, upgrade and reconstruction of business premises
. Credit for repayment of housing loan from another bank (individual invoice)
. Supply of goods or materials connected with the construction, such as: tiles, kitchen and bathroom appliances, furniture, doors, A/C etc. should be considered as housing loans for completition of the construction or renovation therefore it is necessary these items to be part of the calculation or to submit individual pro-forma invoice.


  • Min. amount EUR 5,000
  • Max. 100% from the lower value between the agreed and the evaluated/estimated value

Loan criteria

. Monthly instalment to be less or equal to 50% of the monthly family income*
. The age of the borrower by the time of the final instalment to be less then 65 years
. No guarantors

Co-applicant (s)

  • Only if the condition for family income or applicant age is not fulfilled
  • Max. two co-applicants

Down payment

. Down payment of the credit applicant depends from the collateral. The loan has to be secured with mortgage from first degree 100-300% depending on the location and the condition, according to the suggested evaluation by the independent evaluator of the Bank or Bank’s collaborator
. 0% down payment if the condition for the collateral is fulfilled

Currency of payment


Term of repayment

5-30 years


Loan purpose




Transfer of loan from another Bank

The loan is paid to:


Loan applicant or provider of the services

Loan applicant or on the account of the provider

The bank where the loan is used


• 1st rang mortgage (2nd and 3rd rang mortgages only if Alpha Bank AD Skopje is the sole mortgage trustee) on the real estate property that is bought or other real estate property in ownership of the loan applicant or other person
• Value of the real estate property min. 100-300%**  of the loan value depending on the location and condition of the estate, according to the suggested evaluation by the independent evaluator of the Bank
The Bank holds the right to accept or decline the offered estate as collateral


Insurance of the collateral property from all risks in favour of the Bank. Insurance of the property until the duration of the loan procedure

Nominal interest rate (variable) ***

Loan amount ***

MKD loans

EUR loans


EUR 5,000-50,000

8% (EIR 8.10%)

7.5% (EIR 7.66%)


6.5% (EIR 6.64%)

Above EUR 50,001-100,000

7.5% (EIR 7.59%)

7% (EIR 7.15%)


6% (EIR 6.13%)

Above EUR 100,000

7% (EIR 7.09%)

6.5% (EIR 6.64%)


5.5% (EIR 5.63%)


.0.75% of the loan amount, min EUR 120
.0% for undertaken loans from other banks
.Expenses for evaluator, booking of mortgage and insurance of property


Monthly instalments


  • 0% for prepayment of full or partial amount of the loan

Related products

  • Possibility for AMEX credit card up to EUR 1.500 according to the income, except for VIP clients

Proof for the purpose

  • The client is required to submit the following documents in the period of 6 months after the loan payment in order to prove that the funds are used for the intention:
    - Certificate of the property on the name of loan applicant, or
    - Contract verified by a public notary (solemnization-notary act) for buying and selling of property)

* Family income is income of the applicant, spouse and co-applicants based on salary, pension, rent, dividend, income from agricultural activities, regular incomes from abroad and other incomes that can be documented - as proof for income from rent, proof for ownership of the property that is leased and contract for rent verified by notary should be submitted. - as proof for agricultural activity a document for conducted buy-off of agricultural products and proof for ownership of land or other adequate proof should be submitted - as proof for income upon dividend receipt/report for paid dividend and paid personal tax from the institution for which shares the dividend is received, to be submitted. Therefore the amount should be divided with 12 months.
** 100% loan amount depends on the quality of the location and the incomes of the credit applicant
*** EIR is calculated for loan amounting EUR 50,000, EUR 100,000, EUR 150,000 and 30 years loan tenor



Information: Credit Division
Telephone: +389 2 3296 598; 3296 473

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